Editing Services 

I provide an exemplary copyediting and proofreading service for academics, postgraduate students, publishers, businesses, educators, musicologists and non-fiction writers and pride myself on providing a collaborative and personalised experience for each client. 

I assist clients with academic theses, scholarly journal articles, non-fiction books, magazines, trade journals, training manuals, and all types of forms and guides.

My areas of specialty are health and medicine, education, international relations, business and musicology.

I possess advanced skills in music publishing software (Finale) and can embed music manuscript samples into the body of text or transcribe handwritten music into a polished, ready-to-publish score. Samples of my work are available on my Portfolio page.


Proofreading is the final check before printing and publishing, and your document will have already been copyedited.


The document is checked to ensure the corrections have been made and that no errors have crept back in.


The proofreading process is distinct from the copyediting process and clients should make clear what service they require when asking for a quote.


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In a light copy edit, the document is checked for grammatical and spelling errors, consistency and accuracy of word usage, capitalisation, hyphenation, abbreviations, repeated words, ambiguity, and localisation (eg.US/Australian English).


In a heavier copy edit, the process may involve fact checking, integrity of the table of contents, accuracy of calculations, layout of tables, and accuracy of citations and reference lists.

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